27 Week Pregnancy Update

I can’t quite believe i am now 27 weeks! This pregnancy seems to be flying over. I’m sure that won’t last though and it will soon start dragging. I am feeling pretty good actually. A few niggles here and there but nothing that’s causing too much trouble at the moment. Baby is still lying incredibly low down which is causing me quite a bit of pain in my left hip if I’m walking for a while. The bit of heartburn i was suffering with has disappeared too, so i am over the moon about that. I carried both my boys really high so it feels strange this one being so low. I can’t quite decide whats worse though being kicked in the ribs constantly from a high baby or feeling like I’m being kicked in my lady parts from this one!!

I am now starting to get rather uncomfortable at night, although I’m still just about managing to sleep on my front. If i want to roll over i feel like its taking me half an hour to turn from one side to the other. I’m not yet waking in the night to go to the toilet either although I’m sure that’s not too many weeks away!

In regards to a bump, it’s still pretty much a case of some days it’s there and some days it’s not depending on whereabouts baby is lying. Some days i just look like I’ve put a few extra pounds on and other days it’s like a proper bump. I don’t tend to get big bumps anyways though as i am tall and have a long torso so there is lots of baby hiding room before i need to come out over!

I have now put on roughly 10lbs which I’m quite happy with at this stage. I have a midwife appointment next week so I’m sure i will have some more to update you all on next week.

We still haven’t decided on a name yet although there is one that we both like and can agree on so it will probably be that, since there isn’t many we do agree on. I had a name in my mind for if i had a girl before i was even pregnant and i had my heart set on it. Turns out my partner hates it so I’m gutted about that.


Thanks for reading


Becky X

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