28 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I had my 28 week midwife check yesterday. She took bloods and did all the usual bits and pieces. I also got to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. This was also the first week i had my bump measured. I was fully expecting to walk out of there with a growth scan booked because of measuring bigger, after all both my boys were giants and i was sent for growth scans with both at this point. You can imagine my shock when i was measuring pretty much spot on for my dates, in fact i was ever so slightly under the middle line. Maybe i am finally going to give birth to a normal sized baby ha ha!

I’m feeling pretty good still, although i have noticed the tiredness is creeping in but this could just be because i have both boys at home with it being the summer holidays. I am also incredibly restless, I wouldn’t say I’m nesting but i can’t sit still for very long. Heartburn has started to set in now too but only on a night time and not to severely so i can cope with it at the minute.

Baby is still very active. I don’t really have much else to add this week. I’m heading into my third trimester so I’m sure things will just go downhill from here! I’m wanting to sign up to the Sassybloom box so if anyone has a code i can use leave it down below or drop me a message or a tweet đŸ™‚

Thanks for reading

Becky xx

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