35 Week Pregnancy Update

It’s scary to think that its more than likely i will be a mammy to three this month! Crazy!! I feel like this has been the quickest of all my pregnancies and although i am starting to get massively fed up now, it isn’t dragging at all.

Had a midwife appointment last week at 34+2 and baby is head down and has started to engage. I got to hear her heartbeat and she had the hiccups and you could here them on the listening device, which was rather strange.Midwife also measured my bump and said i was measuring two weeks ahead, although it wasn’t my usual midwife and i could feel that she didn’t have the tape as tight to my stomach as my normal midwife normally does, so it may not be an accurate reading and i don’t feel big at all, if anything i feel tiny compared to my last two pregnancies. She didn’t refer me but did say the hospital may decide to scan me when i go next week to get the date for my C-section.

In regards to pregnancy symptoms there hasn’t really been that many. Restless legs is driving me crazy, especially at night while i am trying to get to sleep and i have also had a few leg cramps in the night, especially if i have had a very busy day. My mood has been quite low lately and i have been quite tearful but i don’t feel it’s anything i need to be concerned about. Nesting has also kicked in massively and I spent 6 hours yesterday cleaning and reorganising my kitchen! Baby is still moving around lot’s which is now very uncomfortable with her starting to engage!

I am seeing the consultant next week to see about a date for my cesarean, so i will probably do my next update after that. I have said all the way through this pregnancy that i have a feeling i will go early and won’t make my section date which would be lovely but scary at the same time so we will see.

Both boys are very excited that they will soon have their baby sister here. We haven’t decided on a name just yet although I’ve got a feeling which one we will probably end up using. It’s hard as I like modern and slightly unusual names and my partner likes quite traditional names and doesn’t want anything too different. I’ve now got just about everything we need for baby and i am almost ready to pack my hospital bag. There is just a couple of things i need to pick up to go in my bag but baby’s bag is sorted and i will be filming a hospital bag video soon. The only thing we don’t have in her room now is her cot but i’m not too concerned as she will be going in a moses basket first anyways.

Anyways that’s all for now and i will update after i have my consultant appointment unless anything major changes between now and then.

Thanks for reading xo



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