38 Week Pregnancy Update

As I write this I am in my final week of pregnancy! This time next week baby should hopefully have arrived safe and sound! That is both exciting and terrifying in equal amounts! On one hand I’m counting down the minutes until the day arrives and on the other I am terrified of having a newborn again and wondering how I am going to cope being mammy to three!!

I have had a lot going on the past few weeks pregnancy wise, starting when I went for my consultant appointment to book in for my csection. I had been slightly concerned about movement as I had not felt her move much the night before or the morning when she usually moves loads. I had felt movement but no where near as much so I mentioned it to my consultant, she checked the heartbeat and decided to measure my bump while she was at it. Baby had a lovely strong heartbeat and all was well but I showed static growth on my growth chart, so I was booked in for a growth scan. I think I mentioned in my last post that the midwife had put me two weeks ahead on the chart at my last appointment and I didn’t feel it was right. Anyways the consultant also thought it was probably just the midwife over estimating but it wasn’t worth the risk. My blood pressure was also reading high.

So I went for my growth scan and baby looks perfectly healthy although a little on the large side! I kind of expected it to be honest as both boys were large. They estimated that she was measuring 8lb 10oz, although they are known not to be too accurate and she struggled to get the measurement needed as baby is now breech and was facing the wrong way despite being head down and starting to engage just a couple of weeks ago. My blood pressure was still up slightly but not as high as it was when I had my appointment with the consultant.

Yesterday I had my final midwife appointment. My blood pressure was back to normal and everything looked good. The midwife measured my bump again and had a feel of baby, she is still breech and the midwife says that although she thinks she will be a decent size baby she doesn’t think she will be overly big.

I have pre assessment for my csection tomorrow and then it’s countdown time!

I have been feeling pretty awful lately to be honest. I am feeling very tearful at the moment and randomly find myself crying at things. Since baby has moved into breech position I am suffering horrendous heartburn, which I thought I had managed to get away with this time! My hips are also sore and I keep getting shooting pains down one leg!

We think we finally have a name picked but I am still not 100% sure on it.

So this will be my final pregnancy update! The next baby related post on here will be my update to say she is here. Make sure you are following me on both twitter and instagram as I will probably announce on there before I get chance to update here.


Thanks for reading xx

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